Avrupa’da uzaktan çalışmak isteyen yabancılara hangi ülkeler hangi vizeleri sunuyor?

Covid-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in the work-life balance. With the classic concepts of work and home intertwined, remote work has become part of daily life in many countries. Several European countries including Croatia and Spain have facilitated temporary residence permits for foreign workers to revive the tourism sector that was hit hard by the pandemic. This step aims to keep the sector alive during low seasons and to enable even non-European Union citizens to work remotely easily. Digital nomad visas also help the host countries to address other issues including brain drain and ageing population.

EuroNews compared the current or effective remote work visas in Europe, including the length of stay, application fees, and income requirements, among others, to help with the move to Europe, remote work, and travel rights in the Schengen area.

Croatia, for instance, has introduced a one-year temporary residence program for digital nomads. The visa is available to those registered in companies outside the country engaged in information technology services. On the other hand, Estonia has a digital nomad visa that allows remote workers and freelancers from abroad, especially those with clients in Estonia, to stay up to a year. The applicant must show proof of earning at least €3,500 per month in the past six months.

Meanwhile, Italy launched a digital nomad visa in March 2022, and it is said to target highly-skilled workers. Applicants must meet a range of requirements, including health insurance, a clean criminal record, and being up to date on taxes in Italy before applying.

Overall, the digital nomad visas in Europe aim to offer remote workers the opportunity to enjoy low costs of living, tax exemptions, and a decent quality of life in host countries.

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