Postcards: Noel’i çölde nasıl kutlarsınız?

Global Village, bringing together the cultures of nearly a hundred countries around the world, is now hosting Christmas festivities. Known as one of the world’s largest tourism, entertainment, shopping, and leisure centers, the “global village” is offering a Christmas atmosphere in the desert.

Santa Claus parachuted into Global Village to light the Christmas lights. Meanwhile, the festivities are in full swing, from the open-air film festival to the eight-meter LED Christmas tree with zero emissions in Dubai Marina.

Natalie Lindo from Euronews describes the atmosphere: “Festival markets, fairs, and events are also very popular. You can find traditional food and crafts from European-style Christmas markets in El Habtoor City. Families come to the Winter Garden for more than a hundred stalls that provide experiences from all around the world. Crafts and foods are being sold from more than a hundred countries around the world.”

One Dubai resident said: “For me, Christmas means Santa Claus, snow and sleighs. It’s quite impressive how Dubai has adapted this atmosphere to the desert.” You can also experience a “white” Christmas in Dubai. The Kempinski Hotel in the Mall of the Emirates, with its ski-style mountain houses, artificial caves, and slopes filled with genies, offers a breathtaking view. Even if you don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve, it’s hard not to feel the spirit.

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