Turkish envoys discuss Turkey’s foreign policy priorities: Foreign minister

As Turkey prepares to mark its 100th anniversary, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan on Wednesday said the Turkish ambassadors discussed the country’s foreign policy priorities.

“Particularly, we deeply analyzed what are their (ambassadors) priorities in ‘Century of Turkey,’ what they are supposed to do, what are the threats and opportunities waiting for us in our region and in the world.

“We worked on them very systematically, region by region, subject by subject,” Fidan said after the 14th Ambassadors Conference.

On Aug. 5-9, Turkish ambassadors serving abroad and at home gathered in the capital Ankara for the conference to discuss regional and international developments, global trends, and recent challenges and opportunities.

Fidan said the ambassadors were received by both President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmus to give them foreign policy evaluations and guidelines.

He added that the conference, in a panel format with collective participation, was “very productive.”

“We had the opportunity to discuss the issues in the form of detailed questions and answers with our ambassadors with three panels in total, by meeting with our relevant ministers and heads of institutions, especially in the fields of economy, finance, tourism, culture, security, science and technology,” Fidan said.

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